Dr. Tincie M. Zellars-Lynch   

  Dr. Tincie Marie Lynch, is the former pastor and founder of Second Chance Powerhouse of Deliverance Ministry a woman gifted and called by God to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to those who are lost, wounded, weary, and broken. She is a dynamic motivational speaker, powerful preacher, tireless teacher, and loyal friend. She has preached the Gospel now well over twenty-five years. She is an Author of “Let’s Pray a self-help book for those desiring to understand prayer in the simplest form.

Dr. Lynch changed the name of the ministry after God had instructed her to close the doors of the physical church and the falling away of the saints after three in half years of excellent service. She answered the call and continue to move forward with T. M. Lynch Prayer Outreach Ministries Inc. Under the Honorable Apostle William T. Cherry, Christ Transforming Ministries, Prince Georges, Virginia. This ministry would allow Dr. Lynch to minister in many different facets of ministry. Here is where she serves as the servant leader to the Veteran population, homeless, women and any other ministries that require training in Leadership and teaching and preaching, praying the unadulterated word of God. She is locally affiliated with World Changers Ministry International under the teaching of Dr. Creflo Dollar.

Dr. Lynch is the founder of the Noon Day Lunch Prayer which was birthed in the middle of a Worldwide Pandemic. Since Prayer has been a powerful part of her ministry she sprang into action after hearing the Lord speak to her to go forward. During this time Dr. Lynch was experiencing challenges on her job. After returning to work she was concerned if she would be able to continue the Noon Day Prayer line. But the Lord allowed her to continue to pray on the designated days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The prayer line is still in existence today and you can still hear her praying for those that call in for that much needed prayer break. Dr. Lynch believes what she prays and encourage those on the line to believe that Jesus Christ is the source of our supply.

Dr. Lynch is also the founder of Thursday Morning Live with Dr. Lynch. This prayer line is conducted at 5am on Thursday mornings. She is the Chief Prayer warrior on this line she has been praying on this line for over 12 years. This line is highly anointed by God. On this line the prayers of the righteous has allowed many miracles to take place and the testimonies of the saints heard and giving God the praise for his wreck less love that he shows towards those standing in the need of prayer. You can still hear Dr. Lynch praying at 5am on Thursday mornings getting a prayer through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Reminding people to keep their faith on the field and too never give up on GOD. Dr. Lynch holds a BS, in Biblical Studies. Jacksonville Theological Seminary, and 2 Honorary Doctoral Degrees, in Humanitarian.

After 30 years of combined federal service in the United States Army and the Veterans Health Administration she retired from her position on December 2020. She is ever grateful for the time that she spent in the military and as an dedicate employee.

Dr. Lynch is a Crisis Intervention Certified Course Instructor where she assists the VA Police with classes to Law enforcement in the community as well as the VA Health Care System, she won de-escalator of the year award in 2015.

Dr. Lynch is a trailblazer in the field of Outreach and Community Services and has a passion for serving women that has been broken to a place of Restoration by instilling confidence and the determination to succeed by providing counseling and hands on instructions that lead to a path of success.

Dr. Lynch has many degrees and accomplishments which she credits the Lord for every achievement and honor that passes her way. But cannot name them all and she knows her highest honor will come from the Lord on that great day.

2022- Special Recognition Award, Institute of Global Professionals, United Kingdom

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