Dr. Tincie M. Lynch

A woman gifted and called by God to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to those who are lost, wounded, weary, and broken.

Noon Day Lunch Prayer and Praise

Join us Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 12PM EST for our

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Our Motto

Born into the Kingdom for such a time as this.

(If I perish, I perish, but I am going to see the King)

Esther 4:16

About Us


The Mission of TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. is to win souls to the Kingdom of God with relative and wise methodologies of contemporary design without deviating from the Holy Scriptures.


The vision of TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. is to:
  1. Spread the God News of Our Lord and Savior throughout the United States of America and abroad.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Holy Bible is the true and living Word of God, without error, and is the acceptable standard of faith of this ministry and the Christian walk.

Let’s Pray

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