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We believe mankind is born into sin and shaped in iniquity, and must be born again by the Spirit.

Dr. Tincie M. Zellars-Lynch
Let’s Pray Book

Sometimes we bow to pray and nothing comes out maybe because the day was so hard, the pain so bad or the grief too much bear; our words somehow inadequate to express our heart and concerns to the Lord sometime we can be pulled in many different directions that we have trouble stringing our words to commune with God. For any and all reasons, scripture prayers provide a source of clarity and purpose to our prayer life.

Dr. Tincie M. Zellars-Lynch

Dr. Tincie Marie Lynch, is the former pastor and founder of Second Chance Powerhouse of Deliverance Ministry a woman gifted and called by God to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to those who are lost, wounded, weary, and broken. She is a dynamic motivational speaker, powerful preacher, tireless teacher, and loyal friend. She has preached the Gospel now well over twenty-five years. She is an Author of “Let’s Pray a self-help book for those desiring to understand prayer in the simplest form.

Dr. Lynch changed the name of the ministry after God had instructed her to close the doors of the physical church and the falling away of the saints after three in half years of excellent service. She answered the call and continue to move forward with T. M. Lynch Prayer Outreach Ministries Inc. 

Our Vision & Mision

The mission of TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. is to win souls to the Kingdom of God with relative and wise methodologies of contemporary design without deviating from the Holy Scriptures.


The vision of TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. is to:

 Spread the Good News of Our Lord and Savior throughout the United States of America and abroad.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Holy Bible is the true and living Word of God without error, and is the acceptable standard of faith of this ministry and the Christian walk.

Prayer for Salvation
  • God loves you
  • Sin separates people from god
  • Jesus died for your sins
  • You can receive jesus now
  • And know God’s love

“If you confess with you mouth Jesus as Load, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”

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